The Home Vintner - The Home Vintner Monthly Newsletter - February 2016

This year, Winexpert™ has sourced superior quality juice from Italy, California and Australia to bring you five impressive wines that will be a welcome addition to your cellar. Featuring unique blends and sought after varietals, the LE15 collection offers something for every palate.

February's Limited Editions will be arriving over the next 3 weeks. If you pre-ordered or pre-paid please phone and let us know your desired pick up date. Extras of these stunning wines will be available in store in limited quantities.

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• February – Mosaic Red

     Paso Robles California
     (Merlot, Zinfandel, Petit Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon)

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Introducing new Island Mist Cucumber Melon Sauvignon Blanc. It’s easy drinking for those long summer nights. The aroma is fresh and fragrant like your favourite Sauvignon Blanc. Light and fruity, the sweet notes of the melon are the perfect complement to the clean crisp cucumber.  Contact your favorite Home Vintner location to reserve in advance!


We have been working hard to reduce shipping costs for all of our on-line customers. We have succeeded in this quest,  most notably, this month we're happy to tell you that the cost for shipping heavier parcels to rural areas has decreased dramatically! Test out our new rates by placing an order through our online shopping department. We will send you a quote for your approval prior to processing your order.



We are very excited to again offer the 909 IPA starting in mid- February. This beer is a spin-off from the flagship 606 IPA produced by Paddock Wood. This version is shooting for hoppy and aromatic with citrus nodes from the Cascade hops. With expected IBU's of 40-45 - it definitely rings in as an IPA style.
Another new release this month is a Porter. If you have been thinking of making a darker and more complex beer but don't want to do the steeping required as an add-on, this full wort 23L kit is as easy as it gets, giving you all the depth you hope for. This beer contains chocolate malt, which gives off subtle coffee notes. Please visit our stores to find out more about these great micro brewery beer kits, and for staff suggestions on the best liquid yeasts to use.
We are also expecting Spitfire English Ale and Kolsch. Please contact your local store to have one reserved for you.


New - 750 ml EZ-Cap wine style Bordeaux bottles. Available individually or by the case. This unique style bottle may be used for wine or any lightly carbonated beverage such as kombucha.
Back in stock: 1L and 500ml size Ez-Cap clear bottles. Also returning are the PET clear 500ml bottles (case of 24, includes cap.)


Give someone a bottle of wine and they are happy for a day. Teach them how to make their own wine and they are happy every day.

Over 20,000 people have attended our wine and beer making courses since 1993. Join us as we walk you through the steps.  The cost is $25 per person. If you have taken this course before and would like a refresher, there is no charge for you and a guest.

Classes are now posted - click here to go to our event calendar...



Most importantly, never go by the number of days suggested by the instructions in the kit. Always use your hydrometer to get within the required range for each step.

A client recently brought in a weak wine which was fermented according to days rather than actual Specific Gravity.  Calgary's dramatic barometric pressure shifts and high altitude mean that if you do not monitor your Specific Gravity then you may not allow for complete fermentation.  If you stabilize at 14 days (according to the directions) without checking the Specific Gravity, you may prematurely kill the yeast.  Always check your hydrometer for a correct Specific Gravity reading.  You will be rewarded with a superior results. 


In Southern Alberta, dramatic barometric pressure changes makes for very active fermentation in both the primary and carboy.  Sometimes, with this increased activity your wine or beer could come up through the air lock, even causing it to overflow.  This problem can be especially pronounced with the use of liquid yeast. The solution?   Use a blow off tube available at the Home Vintner.

This is a flexible tube that is inserted into the airlock and into a wine bottle filled halfway with water. It's a preferred technique of our snow birds when they are away for a few months as it prevents the airlocks from going dry.




The Home Vintner has had a 100 per cent guarantee on all our wine and beer kits since 1993.  Customer satisfaction is very important to us at all our locations.  In order to honour this guarantee, it is absolutely essential that you use our premium corks, as there are many substandard corks on the market. We see wine ruined on a weekly basis because of cheap corks. Please also remember to peel off the bar code sticker on the top of your wine kit box to keep with your records.  These codes are full of important information for both the retailer and the customer.



World Vineyard California Trinity Red - $5 off

An ideal blending of three of California 's most popular grape varieties - Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Together these make a perfectly balanced, well- structured dry red wine. Notes of black cherry and coffee complement the smokey, herbal flavours, and hints of vanilla that round out this medium bodied wine , making it highly enjoyable for any occasion. Serve with a roast dinner or barbecued steak.

World Vineyard California Trinity White - $5 off

A unique blend of Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, combining lemon and grapefruit aromas with rounded fruit, redolent of melons and fresh figs for a crisp and refreshing medium-bodied white.

Vintners Reserve Valroza- $5 off

Ruby red, this classical Italian style wine features rich, spicy berry aromas in a very dry wine with a medium body, perfect with Italian cuisine.

Vintners Reserve Liebfraumilch - $5 off 

This blend epitomizes the classic white wine style that Germany is renowned for, showcasing the Riesling grape with a delicately fruity bouquet and a lushly off-dry finish

• Barons Mexican Cerveza - $4 off - try with one of our add on packs

A personal favorite, and recommended for those who want a great summer beer is the Mexican Cerveza - nothing quenches better than this – light and easygoing. Fresh, bright, light bodied, clean flavour - great on the patio and beach. Comparable to a Pacifico.

Optional Add-On-Package Pairings: Belgian Wit, Apricot or Grapefruit Wheat Beer, Lemon Citra Cerveza or Ginger Beer.

Optional Recipes available in store: lime, raspberry, blueberry or mango cerveza!



Limited Release Selection Sauvignon Blanc Rose is coming in March. Details to be announced in our March newsletter. Last year the Rose's sold out fast, to reserve one please phone your local store to guarantee your purchase.


Returning in March is our Island Mist Hard Pink Lemonade and Hard Limeade! Perfect time to prepare for those hot summer days ahead. To guarantee your purchase please pre-order and we will contact you when they arrive. 


Bergeron Cheese Shoppe, Cochrane - On sale for our Home Vintner Customers - Le P'tit Bonheur.  Lactose free, firm ripened medium Gouda. Try with Riesling, Pinot Grigio or dark beers such as Porter or Stout.

Water Pure and Simple, Drumheller - free jug of water with the purchase of any wine kit ($10 refundable deposit required).

Droplets Water Company, Olds - offers a 10% discount to all students who are attending the Brewmaster course at the Olds College.

From Vine to Cork, Rocky Mountain House - Our next Wine & Beer making class is Saturday, February 20 at 1 PM. We have moved across the street to 5016 50 Ave. Rocky Mountain House.


We truly appreciate you referring The Home Vintner to your family and friends. When the new vintner or brewer makes their first kit purchase, you both will receive 10% off the regular price of any wine or beer kit. Referral cards are available in all our stores.



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