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This year, Winexpert™ has sourced superior quality juice from Italy, California and Australia to bring you five impressive wines that will be a welcome addition to your cellar. Featuring unique blends and sought after varietals, the LE15 collection offers something for every palate.

From January through April, 2016 the LE15 are released.  Pre-order your kits to guarantee availability and receive a discount, prepay for an increased discount. 


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• January – Barbera                                             $156                  $146                   $139
     Piedmont, Italy               

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• January – Pinot Grigio Verduzzo                      $151                 $141                    $134
     Veneto, Italy

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• February – Mosaic Red                                      $156                 $146                    $139
     Paso Robles California
     (Merlot, Zinfandel, Petit Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon)

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• March – Gewurztraminer Verdelho Muscat    $151                 $141                    $134
     Murray Darling, Australia   

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• April – Fourtitude with Grape Skins                   $170                 $160                   $152
     Riverland, Australia
     (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Merlot)    

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• World Vineyard Chilean Malbec - $5 off

A hot dry climate allows the grapes to reach excellent ripeness, and lush fruity characters, making an intense, black wine. A thick-skinned grape full of colour, tannin and flavour. Malbec makes wines of great power and character, with blackberry, plums, tar, red pepper, sweet cherry, spice, licorice and deep bittersweet notes, almost like unsweetened chocolate, or espresso.

• World Vineyard Washington Riesling - $5 off

Riesling is the most versatile, complex and food-friendly of all the noble grapes. If you enjoy discovering new wines and inspiring your palate, then Riesling is your ideal wine. With floral and green apple aromas this crisp, vibrant wine has tones of green apple, citrus, apricot, white flowers and subtle mineral notes.  The Washington's Columbia Valley is the largest Riesling producing state in the US.  Rieslings grown here offer pronounced ripeness while retaining acidity, showing fantastic floral aromas and flavours of peach and apricot, while still maintaining a crisp freshness. Note that this kit is an off-dry Riesling.

Vintners Reserve Bergamais - $5 off

This refreshing, fruity ‘nouveau style' wine shows the bright cherry flavours and aromas of the Gamay grape. Typically consumed young and served slightly chilled. It can be enjoyed on any occasion.

Vintners Reserve Viognier- $5 off

The intense fruitiness of this beguiling wine suggests rich sweetness, but it shows a surprisingly dry and aromatic finish. A delicate yellow colour, tinged with the variety's typical 'green-gold' hue, it bursts out of the glass with apricot, peach and spice aromas. 

• Barons Canadian Pilsner - $4 off - try with one of our add on packs

Light in colour - slightly more hop flavour than typical domestic lagers with a smooth finish.  This Pilsner is for those who want more flavour than found in a Canadian style beer.  The flavour is balanced between sweet and bitter with a hint of buttery flavor.  Comparable to a Czechoslovakian Pilsner.  Try using 2278 Czech Pils liquid yeast - a classic pilsner strain from the home of pilsners for a dry but malty finish.

Black Pilsner - This is a dark lager that balances roasted yet smooth malt flavours with moderate hop bitterness.  Light to moderate malt flavour, which adds a clean, neutral character to a rich, sweet, Munich-like intensity.  Roasted malt flavours give a bitter-chocolate palate that lasts into the finish, but doesn't taste burnt.  Light to moderate noble hop flavour. Add on package includes  the extra malt and hops needed to create this on trend beer.  Start with Barons Dutch Lager or Canadian Pilsner. Optional liquid yeasts are Bavarian Lager, Czech Pilsner or Kolsch.

Saaz Pilsner - Expect this Pilsner to be floral with a touch of spice, similar to a Czech Pilsner but with more aromatics. The dry malt finish adds extra complexity and leads into a great mouth feel and head.


"Give someone a bottle of wine, and they are happy for a day. Teach them to make wine, and they are happy every day!"

WINE & BEER MAKING gift certificates are available in our stores. Class for 2 value $50.00 on sale for $19.00.

• GIFT CERTIFICATES - Just in time for Christmas, our gift certificates are now available online, any amount will be emailed to you. The E-Gift Card may be used on line or in one of our stores.  Minimum is $50.

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REFERRALS - We truly appreciate you referring The Home Vintner to your family and friends. The majority of our new clients come in the door through personal referral.  Our Client Referral Program works like this - when the new vintner or brewer makes their first kit purchase, you both will receive 10% off the regular price of any Award Winning Winexpert wine or beer kit.  Referral certificates are available in our stores. 


Should you filter? Only if you want to polish up your wines. Filtering is a personal choice and not a requirement. The Home Vintner has carefully selected a style of filter system to minimize the impact and enhance the character of the wines.

Our systems reduce filter shock and allows the wine to recover much more quickly. We use the best quality filter pads available which we have tested ourselves. Cheaper pads will leave bits of paper in your wine and result in a cardboard taste.

We have a humidor storage system using sterile gas only, without the use of caustic chemicals. This keeps the filters ready for use in our clean and sanitized filter machines. We take these extra steps as we take pride in ensuring you get the best possible wine for your efforts.

 A wine that is cloudy with sediment is not ready to be filtered. Once your wine is clear, you carefully rack it into the filter system, leaving the sediment behind in the carboy. Sediment that is drawn into the filter will clog the pads, making the process slow and unsuccessful.

The filter shown above was plugged as a result of sucking up sediment when racking from carboy to filter system.


Bergeron Cheese Shoppe, Cochrane - Sale cheese - Louis Cyr. One of Bergeron's strongest Goudas. Nice and firm with a strong rich flavour. On sale for our Home Vintner customers when you purchase a wine kit.    

Water Pure and Simple, Drumheller - free jug of water with the purchase of any wine kit ($10 refundable deposit required).

Droplets Water Company, Olds - offers a 10% discount to all students who are attending the Brewmaster course at the Olds College.

From Vine to Cork, Rocky Mountain House - Our next Wine & Beer making class is December 12th. We have moved across the street to 5016 50 Ave. Rocky Mountain House T42 1A4.


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