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This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Winexpert Limited Edition releases. The biggest and best one of a kind wine-kit program in the industry, and an enormous triumph.  

When you pick up your January wine kit talk to the staff about Wyeast liquid yeast options to maximize the quality of your kit.

Click here for LE14 wine & food pairings.

NOW AVAILABLE:                                                      

• January Riesling – Germany
     • click here to see a one page PDF
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• January Shiraz Viognier – Australia
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We have brought in extra stock of both these January Limited Editions for our customers who may have missed the initial release

• More on our LE14 German Mosel Valley Riesling - Noble grape varieties retain their characteristics regardless of the region of the world in which they are grown, making them some of the most popular and best known varieties. Riesling is one of these grapes. They can be dry, or sweet and intensely aromatic. Click here to read more..

• Our LE14 Australian Shiraz/Viognier - Unlike the white nobles, the reds have a huge variation in the finished wines  they produce by region, in tannins, body and aromatics. Syrah (Shiraz) is one of these grapes, typically herbal or floral, peppery and smoky. Australian variety in particular is more ruby in color, with an obvious and upfront boldness of jammy fruit. Click here to read more...


• French oak adds more tannins and fewer aromatics than American Oak. American Oak has more intense aromas. American brings a coarseness to the palate, while French is more smooth on the finish. Toasted oak adds more of a vanilla flavour.

• Winexpert recommends that you do not top up your carboy, either with water or another wine during fermentation.  Initially you will start with 23 litres in your primary, when you rack off the sediment into your carboy you will leave some behind. Always use your hydrometer to ensure that you have allowed fermentation to complete. When you stabilize your wine you stir up the sediment in the carboy while adding the last 3 packages. Immediately start to degas either with a Vacuvin or rent one our degassers. At around two weeks rack once off the sediment and allow the wine to clear.

Filtering your wine is an option, and since we don’t top up, the filter carboy is large enough to hold your wine. When someone complains that they couldn’t get all the wine into the filter carboy I know right away that they topped up.

• PADDOCK WOOD ORDER ARRIVING NEXT WEEK - Spitfire English Pale Ale, 909 IPA and Porter.  

We had Spitfire in stock a while ago and it was a very quick seller. There are only a few arriving soon, so get your name on the list to avoid disappointment. Spitfire produces a traditional English pub style pale ale, with an IBU of around 34. We are very excited to be getting the 909 IPA. This beer is a spin-off from the flagship 606 IPA produced by Paddock Wood. This version is shooting for hoppy and aromatic with citrus nodes from the Cascade hops. With expected IBU's of 40-45 - it definitely rings in as an IPA style. Another new release this month is a Porter. If you have been thinking of making a darker and more complex beer but don't want to do the steeping required as an add-on, this full wort 23L kit is as easy as it gets, giving you all the depth you hope for. This beer contains chocolate malt, which gives off subtle coffee notes. Please visit our stores to find out more about these great micro brewery beer kits, and for staff suggestions on the best liquid yeasts to pair.

• FOR THOSE WHO FOLLOW US ON TWITTER - During January keep an eye out for some exciting special offers.

New growlers are now available for our beer makers. Exclusive to The Home Vintner! You don't need to go to the pub to get craft draught - you can make it at home. It’s a common refrain among craft beer drinkers that beer is the new wine. And now, rather than buy a bottle of wine to take to a friend’s for dinner, you can take a growler with your own fresh craft beer.

Available in both .95L (32 ounce) and 1.9L (64 ounce).






All 26 styles of Vintners ReserveTM will be $5 off in January. Vintners Reserve continues to set the standard in its category by yielding wines of excellent quality, flavour and aroma.  

Wine Recommendation from this series - Mezza Luna Red, VR's 'big red' wine offering.  Rich and flavourful, this Italian inspired blend marries intense aromas with complex flavours bursting of cherry and raspberry.  Boasts dark red colours and a suberb oak intensity.

Mezza Luna White is VR's 'great white' - full, round and flavourful, with big fruit flavours and aromas.  Oak provides a subtle yet noticeable balance to the fruit intensity. Imagine a big rich Chardonnay that is 'ever so slightly' off-dry.  This wine is a must try.


Click here for full details on our special offers...

20% off 100 long natural DCK corks

• World Vineyard Spanish Tempranillo & California Moscato  - $5 OFF

 Barons Redwood Ale - $4 OFF 

Deep copper with hints of garnet and amber.  Big, round, rich, full-bodied brown ale in the English style – our Redwood has a complex taste with perfect balance.  It is full of flavour, with notes of toast, fruit and nuts. The superior maltiness and body in the flavoursome ale are derived from a special blend of blonde and crystal malt.  Full and refreshing.

Redwood Chocolate Ale is made with the addition of chocolate malt with one of our tried and tested Home Vintner recipes.  The final product is an extremely dark, rich ale.  Redwood has become our favorite because it's snappy and robust.  The chocolate creates a great background flavour that, in it's own way, is a bit mellow. This recipe and beer also lends itself to making a Raspberry Chocolate Redwood Ale. It's fun to Craft outside the box, ask in store for help choosing the right recipe add on for your tastes.  Click here to read our blog on this beer...

Try Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale yeast.

Click here to follow Ron as he takes you step by step in making the Redwood Chocolate Ale. 



It's The Home Vintner's quirky, neighbourly and enjoyable staff that make this my favourite wine making store around. 

They always take the time to talk to me about my projects, and give me tips and tricks so I can create amazing wine and beer.  I couldn't be more than satisfied with the results.  I never feel that they're just trying to sell me a product - they just seem genuinely passionate about wine and beer making.

On the product side of things - they've got a great selection of good quality wines and beers at a competitive prices. Last week, I went to buy a new primary fermenter and unfortunately they were out of stock. Instead of saying "sorry, better luck next time", they gave me one of their own to use, free of charge, so I could still get my wine on the go. Thanks guys!

They seem particular, and very opinionated, about the products they carry, and while I couldn't say that the lines they carry are better than other stores at an equivalent price point, I can say that from Cream Ale to Cab Sauv, I've been VERY happy with results. Home Vintner, you guys rock! 

Thanks so much for your great review Dale E.  Click here for more from Yelp...


Over 20,000 people have attended our wine and beer making courses since 1993. We are offering 2 for 1 in January! $25.00 for you and a friend. Join us as we walk you through the steps.

If you have taken this course before and would like a refresher, there is no charge for you and a guest.

Classes for January are now posted - click here to go to our event calendar... 


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