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August Long Weekend

Sat August 3 - regular hours
Sun August 4 - noon - 4
Mon August 5 - closed


Sat August 3 - noon - 4
Sun August 4 - closed
Mon August 5 - closed





We reward loyalty! Every 11th kit is half price

Purchase 10 wine or beer kits and your 11th kit is half price! Your bonus kit may be ANY kit  available in the store. Purchases may be made at any Home Vintner store with no time limit.




On your birthday

The Home Vintner appreciates your patronage so on your birthday we email you a $10 coupon which may be used for a wine kit or a $5 coupon for any beer kit - this offer is also available for your partner.  The next time you are into one of our stores ensure that we have both of your birthdates.




Winexpert won over 300 medals in the 2013 Winemaker International Amateur Wine
competition. Winexpert won the most Gold medals and the most medals overall,
including Best in Show White for Pacifica White. Congratulations to all of our winning winemakers!





Indulge in our award winning chocolate ports.  Just in time for Christmas, pre-order now for our rich seasonal dessert wines.  Both were gold medal winners in the Port Style category of the 2013 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition.  This kit produces 11.5 litres of Port - do not add additional water.

Deadline to pre-order is August 2 with delivery in September.  Pre-order discount is $10 and when you pre-pay you receive an additional 10% discount.

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Surprisingly few people have experienced the WOW!! factor with a wine and food pairing.  Our Chocolate Raspberry Port is one of the best suited wines to demonstrate this.  We use a 75% cocao dark chocolate.  Have a sip of the wine, pull air over your teeth to realize the intensity of the wine.  Start to chew the chocolate, stop about half way through, and let the chocolate coat your tongue.

Begin to chew the chocolate again, have a sip of wine with a bit of air drawn in = WOW!!

Every year we order more and more, yet every year we run out! 


Please take a moment to vote for The Home Vintner again in this years Calgary Herald competition. Click here to go directly to the voting website. To vote for us look under "Shopping" - Winemaking/Brewing Supplies. iPad winners will be drawn August 9.


During August - 2 for 1! First person pays $25.00, the second person is free.  Join Paul & Ron as they make a wine & beer kit in front of the class.

If you have taken this course before and would like a refresher there is no charge for you and a guest.

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Buckets of juice with washed out flavour and beer kits with very little beer malt in them! We would never sell these lesser quality kits, yet as the experts people bring them to us to try and "fix" them. As the saying goes, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!" There has been a parade of poor quality kits brought to us, & I always tell them the same thing -- they cannot be brought back to life. Dump them or feed them to your brother-in-law! The Home Vintner 100% guarantees all our wine and beer kits as long as they use our quality tested corks and caps.

From Paul CEO of The Home Vintner


There are two new add-on packs for our Barons beer kits. These are a Pale Wheat and Ken's Rye Beer - distinctively different styles, both worth adding to your beer fridge. With 12 regular Baron's kits to brew, 3 Glutten Free Kits plus 25 add-on packs, plus our many beer recipes, plus 47 Liquid Wyeast.  With these combinations and your imagination the possibilties are endless!

The Home Vintner is constantly crafting new add-on packs with recipes! If you discover a great new style of beer this summer, let us know, thus giving us another new project to work on.


Although we have on-line sales, we do need actual locations to best serve our customer's needs. Calgary NorthWest, Calgary NorthEast, Airdrie and Rocky Mountain House are full size stores, while Okotoks, Cochrane, Olds and Drumheller are smaller "Satellites". You don't have to give up quality just because you live in a smaller community. That was always a problem in the past -- brands that had trouble selling in the bigger cities were dumped into smaller, unsuspecting towns! At one time that was the only choice small town consumers had. We have a strong support network for all our customers with our toll-free numbers (1-888-222-0486 in North America) (1-866-912-6323 in Alberta) / or email - We're there for you wherever you live!

Rocking in Rocky Mountain House

Wende & Ole, proprietors of the Rocky Mountain House store, celebrated their grand re-opening and new location with an Open House on July 25th! They are sharing space with 4 other businesses @ 4939 - 51 Street in the old Ross Ford Building that was built in 1923! They have gone to great efforts to preserve the heritage of the building, showcasing its unique character and history. You can almost picture the Model T's and Model A's being moved into the showroom!

The new location features an airy, open building concept, and is overall more accessible and extremely customer-friendly. If you're in the Rocky Mountain House area, do take the time to stop in and check out their "new digs"!!


Great reviews on our wine degassers.  If you need one please reserve well ahead of time as they are in huge demand.


For those who wear lipstick or Chapstick, the grease residue on the edge of the glass will kill the head on your beer, and the bubbles in your sparkling wines!


Your juicy, smokey, burnt taste off the grill.  No beer matches it better than our award winning stout.  Summer + Baron Brown Ale with Stout Pack = award winning BBQ.


Our Island Mist kits can be consumed young, and are perfect for fast tracking, by bottling them in our pottery wine casks, which are exclusive to The Home Vintner.
Start-up to bottling can be achieved within a months time.  Some of our popular kits include the Green Apple Riesling, Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio and the new Raspberry Peach Sangria.  Hurry before summer's over!


With our warmer weather, keep in mind that a lot of your red wines should be chilled, about 10 degrees below room temperature. If not, they can taste a little “flabby”. Fifteen minutes on ice will bring your red wines to a proper temperature for serving. 


I am the Manager at The Home Vintner, Airdrie location. I enjoy drinking both red and white wines, but I have noticed lately that my personal taste is drawn towards blends. I really enjoy a nice red Bordeaux blend style (also known as Meritage), while my taste in whites I generally prefer a crisp, single varietal (e.g., Pinot Grigio / Sauvignon Blanc). Having said that, however, I am going to prove myself flexible, and brag about my off-dry white blend that took a Silver medal in the Aromatic White Vinifera category in National Competition a few years back in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.

This fruity wine with lively floral notes is Winexpert Selection Australian Traminer Riesling blend. Having always leaned towards drier whites, I'm not even sure what possessed me to make a fruitier style wine, but I'm sure glad I did! (Not to mention the nice shiny Silver medal!!) Now when any of my customers want a fruitier style white, I suggest this Traminer Riesling blend, and the feedback is always positive.


Customers come through our doors every day, after finding us on the internet. They want to learn how to make the best wine and beer at home. We highly recommend that new customers attend our wine & beer making class so that we can actually demonstrate how to make a kit. The ability to make your own without paying Federal or Provincial taxes is a great draw! At The Home Vintner we offer the best products available on the market along with experienced staff who can answer all your questions. I have tried and made almost every kit on the market, I just wish I had met Paul 5 years earlier!

From Ron NW manager, 2011 AB Winemaker of the Year


To enter, become a friend of The Home Vintner on Facebook. This month's winner of a $25.00 gift certificate is Val Smy ...  

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Each month, every wine or beer purchase automatically enters you into our monthly draw.  This month's winner of a $25.00 gift certificate is Art & Mollie... from the NW store.




Our SELECTION Passport Promotion wraps up in August and we might have saved the best for last.  During August save $10 off selected wines from Australia.

     • Cabernet Sauvignon
     • Australian Cabernet Shiraz
     • Chardonnay
     • Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre
     • Shiraz
     • Traminer Riesling


We are fully stocked and prepared for you; we have just received a new Wyeast liquid yeast order. Our 10% off when you buy 2 or more beer kits has been such a hit that we are extending it through August! Exclusive to us: over 25 recipes and add on packs to twist Barons kits to amazing levels of micro brewery style excellence!


(Red Burgundy Style) A popular blend reminiscent of the finest French appellation offerings. The dominant grape is pinot noir which produces an exquisite, well-balanced, aromatic red wine that is well rounded and robust. Light in weight, with a juicy summer-fruit character, where bright flavours of raspberry and strawberry abound. Minimal tannins and a good dash of acidity keep the fruit feeling fresh and lively. A smooth and versatile wine, it may be consumed young, but ages well too.  Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak Intensity: None

read more - wikipedia...


(White Burgundy Style) blend of California premium grape varieties with a finishing flavor profile that is distinctively French in style. A full-bodied wine with a robust flavor, accentuated by an aroma of fresh ripe peaches and apricots.  Light straw coloured, this white wine shows smooth, ripe stone fruit on the palate.  Vital and refreshing, appealing to those who seek dramatic flavor in their white wines.  Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: None

read more - wikipedia...


Australia's route to fame on the world wine stage, Shiraz from Down Under offers lush berry aromas that beg for a hearty whiff. A wine of ripe fullness, its concentrated blackberry fruits and fragrant spiciness are a delight on the tongue. It has the uncanny quality of allowing early consumption despite its complexity and bigness'. Robust and lively, Australian Shiraz is a savoury treat.  Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

read more - wikipedia


Supple and slightly buttery, this wine lingers on the palate with layers of toast and spice. Extremely versatile with foods, this is the red wine' of white wines, combining beautifully with grilled pork, chicken, fish, salads and cream-based pasta sauces.Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

read more - wikipedia

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