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APRIL 2013




Wine & beer making classes

During April - 2 for 1! First person pays $25.00, the second person is free.

The staff was very knowledgeable and very keen to pass on their knowledge. It sounds like this attitude is a huge part of their business - even after the course. This is the kind of business that I want to purchase products from just so that I can enter into discussions with them and "pick their brains" with their wealth of information.

Join Paul, Ron and Wayne as they make both a wine & beer kit in front of the class.

If you have taken this course before and would like a refresher there is no charge for you and a guest.

April Schedule:
Apr 9 - 7 PM NW
Apr 13 - 9 AM Airdrie
Apr 16 - 7 PM Gluton Free Beer NW Store
Apr 18 - 7 PM NE
Apr 23 - 7 PM NW

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Home Delivery

Delivery is available for our local clients who are unable to make it into our store. We've partnered with an express courier company who will bring our store to you!

For local deliveries of all products from any of our 9 locations order on line or phone your local store. When ordering wine on line add your wine to the comment section. We will calculate the delivery cost and contact you for approval.

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2012 Competitions

The Home Vintner is proud of its customer’s achievements in attaining 590 awards and medals in various home brewing competitions.

Provincial - Alberta Winemakers Association (AAW) April 2012

Our Home Vintner Wine Guild won 1/2 of the awards in the Province - 35 out of 68 with Wayne taking Alberta Winemaker of the Year & Pat taking Best of Show.

National - Amateur Winemakers of Canada Association (AWC) September 2012

The top 30 bottles of wine from the AAW were submitted to the 2012 AWC Competition. Our Home Vintner Wine Guild won 15 of 26 medals awarded.

Congrats Wayne Thomsen, Dave Bracey, Paul Sass, Pat Morrison, Ron Goodhew and Ken Gibson


WineMaker Magazine Int. Amateur Wine Competition is the largest amateur winemaking competition in North America.  Wine kits compete side-by-side in a blind judging across all categories with wines made from grapes and/or juices.  At the April 2012 competition wines made with Winexpert's premium quality brands were awarded 281 medals bringing our total to 2047 medals in the 10 annual competitions held so far.



We reward loyalty, every 11th kit is 1/2 price

Purchase 10 wine or beer kits and your 11th kit is 1/2 price! Your 1/2 price wine kit may be any wine kit available in the store. Purchases may be made at any Home Vintner store with no time limit.



Referral Program

We truly appreciate you referring us to your family and friends. When the new vintner or brewer makes their first kit purchase, you both will receive 10% off the regular price of any kit. Referral certificates are available in our stores. (Cannot be combined with any other offer)


Winexpert is the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer winemaking products

Our wine products are supported by knowledgeable, dedicated staff.  In addition to helping choose the right wine, we will help you discover an exciting new experience... 
the wine and beer making lifestyle.

Become a winemaker or grow your winemaking skills withWinexpert wine kits, equipment, supplies, and (most importantly) advice and ideas.



On your birthday

The Home Vintner appreciates your patronage so on your birthday we email you a $10 discount coupon - this offer is also available for your partner.  The next time you are into one of our stores ensure that we have both of your birthdates.




Five limited edition varietals from renowned wine growing regions have all been released.  This year, they're known simply as LE2012 with a focus on the harvest year.  We will be bringing in a skid every week in April.  If you pre-ordered please phone to have your product tagged and saved for you.

If you didn't pre-order we have a few extras available.

April - Italian Nebbiolo with grape skins


The idea of the twosome is hard for many to swallow, when in fact the mix of cheese and beer goes way, way back to Belgium during the Dark Ages. Monasteries were famous for their exceptional beers and cheeses. To this day most bars in Belgium serve bowls of semi-soft cheese to accompany your malt beverage. The carbonation in beer lifts the palate and brings out many nuances in the cheese.

To get even more enjoyment from your Home Vintner handcrafted beers, try pairing your Belgian Wit with Wensleydale with Carmelized Onion cheese / Brown Ale with Smoked Applewood Cheddar / Patty's Porter with Blue Cheese / our IPA with Le 1608 cheese / our Canadian Pilsner with Jalapeno Monterey Jack cheese.

WOW! Now even more dimension to your beers! Hint - serve cheeses at room temperature - the flavours will come out more! All these cheeses are available at Springbank Cheese.

from Paul CEO of The Home Vintner 


The common theme among all Winexpert wine kits is grapes: we use only materials approved for commercial winemaking in our products.  In addition, the processing aids (sulphite, bentonite, sorbate and isinglass or chitosan) are all CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved and safe.  There are no other additives, colours or flavour agents in our wine kits.




In just 3 months we will be getting ready for the Calgary Stampede.  April is the month to make your home crafted beverages for warm summer days.  With summer in mind, this month we are introducing many of our new seasonal products. One of my favorites is our Lime Cerveza, start it now and it will be ready for your hot summer nights, organic lime recipes are available in our stores!  Of course the Lime Margarita and Hard Pink Lemonade are a hit.  Just in time for summer are the Raspberry Peach Sangria, World Vineyard California Moscato and Selection French Rose.  All are available for a short time and outlined in this newsletter.

from Ron NW manager, 2011 AB Winemaker of the Year


Released as a Limited Edition wine in 2007 and 2009, our Italian Brunello with grape skins is now a regular stocked product.  In a blind taste test compared to a 2005 bought at Co-op for $125 my 2007 won.  This is a most impressive wine to add to your collection.  It requires some aging but wow what a winner!

Brunello is a strong full bodied complex dry red wine from the area around Montalcino in south Tuscany.  Brunello wine is made from 100% Sangiovese Grosso (also called Brunello) and has a bright garnet color.  The flavors that can be sensed are those of cherries, plums, vanilla, wood, tobacco, herbs and caramel.

from Ron NW manager, 2011 AB Winemaker of the Year


Our seasonal release Selection International French Rosé is a crisp, off-dry rosé from Southern France.  An extremely food friendly wine, the pairing possibilities run the gamut from light salads to spicy meats from the grill - definitely a wine to keep well-stocked and ready all summer. Serve chilled.  Don't miss out on this great rosé, supplies are limited and they won't last long.



New - Moscato has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, quickly becoming one of the top-selling white wines in North America.  With succulent peach and juicy tropical fruit flavours, there’s lots to love about our new California Moscato.  Sip it lightly chilled, or mix with vodka, frozen fruit, or club soda for a punchy twist.  Moscato is rapidly gaining ground as the new favourite drink for celebrations, but this is a wine you'll be happy to open up any day of the week, for any (or no) occasion at all.



New - This is a delicious sangria!  Sweet, ripe raspberries mix with juicy peach undertones for the perfect summer sangria: fruity, refreshing, and easy drinking Raspberry Peach Sangria.  Now available.


Fans of last years Hard Pink Lemonade and Lime Margarita will be happy to know that they are both available in our stores now.  As part of our Island Mist series this Twisted Mist wine (12% alcohol) is awesome during the hot days of summer.  This is a limited release which was a pre-order product.  We ordered a few extras so first come first served.  Bottle labels are included. 



A staff favorite, and recommendation for those who want a great summer beer is the Mexican Cerveza - nothing quenches better than this – light and easygoing.  Fresh, bright, light bodied, clean flavour - great on the patio and beach. Comparable to a Pacifico. 

How about a lime, raspberry, blueberry or mango Cerveza?  Recipes are in our stores now.  Most of our clients have at least 6 carboys fermenting getting ready for the summer crunch.  Your primary is used for 1 week and then ready for another batch, extra carboys are available in our stores.


Exclusive to The Home Vintner are our new fruit purée add on kits. Try our Cherry Porter, Cherry Stout, Raspberry Stout, Raspberry Ale, Blueberry Ale, Raspberry Chocolate Redwood, Springtime Blueberry Cerveza, Lime Cerveza and Blueberry Belgian Wit.


April 16, 2013 7 PM NW store. 

In connection with the Canadian Celiac Association - Calgary Chapter we will be offering our first Gluten Free - Beer making class. We are the only store in Canada with gluten free beer making kits. We will make one of our Gluten Free kits in the class. $25 per person.



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Our new Burgundy Non Woven Six-Bottle Wine Bags are here - get one free when you purchase any Selection International wine kit in March.  These wine carry bags are made with heavy sewn in internal dividers to separate each bottle opening from the other so that bottles cannot bang together.  Sturdy with good looks added to the fact that the bags are easily reusable.



Elderflowers, the flowering tops of the Sambucus Niger plant, are added to some of our German style white wines. The dried flowers of the elderflower bush usually come from Belgium. Initially the elderflowers give the wine a strong blossom smell, after three months, this becomes a background scent, blending with lychee and tropical fruit, and adds an extra dimension to the aromatic complexity of the wine.  The distinctive character is not appropriate for all wines.  Available in:

Vintners Reserve Liebfraumilch Style, Piesporter Style, Angel Blanco
World Vineyard German Mueller-Thurgau
Selection Original Piesporter Style


Vintners Reserve Pinot Noir - $5 Off

Our Pinot Noir creates a lasting impression on the palate with an intense ripe-grape and black cherry aroma, accented by a spicy suggestion of cinnamon and mint. Medium-full bodied and rich but not heavy, it's perfectly balanced with alcohol acid and tannin working harmoniously, and has substantial flavour despite its delicacy. It has an appealing soft, velvety texture, like liquid silk gently caressing the palate.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: None | Oak Intensity: Light-Medium

read more - wikipedia

Vintners Reserve Chardonnay - $5 Off

Powerfully structured, this wine shows a crisp, minerally character and a refreshing floral aroma well-balanced by toasty smoke and vanilla notes, and a long complex finish that emerges with ageing.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Heavy

read more - wikipedia

World Vineyard Australian Shiraz - $5 Off

Australia's route to fame on the world wine stage, Shiraz from Down Under offers lush berry aromas that beg for a hearty whiff. A wine of ripe fullness, its concentrated blackberry fruits and fragrant spiciness are a delight on the tongue. It has the uncanny quality of allowing early consumption despite its complexity and bigness'. Robust and lively, Australian Shiraz is a savoury treat.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

read more - wikipedia

World Vineyard Australian Chardonnay - $5 Off

Supple and slightly buttery, this wine lingers on the palate with layers of toast and spice. Extremely versatile with foods, this is the red wine' of white wines, combining beautifully with grilled pork, chicken, fish, salads and cream-based pasta sauces.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

read more - wikipedia


Canadian Golden Ale - with a new recipe

A bold hoppy blond ale, it has slightly more hop flavour than typical Canadian beers. True to its style, this ale is malty but well-balanced, very crisp and refreshing, an exceptional beer for the North American ale enthusiast.  Visit us in store to find out more about our recipes to try with this kit, varieties include a raspberry or blueberry golden ale.

This Barons kit makes a good background for our wheat beer, honey and maple beer.  Wyeast liquid yeast is available.

NEW RECIPE - Roggenbier is a German Rye Beer. Light coppery orange in color with a creamy head and a cloudy appearance. Slightly grainy with a moderate spicy rye flavor – reminiscent of rye or pumpernickel bread. Medium low bitterness allows an initial malt sweetness (with a hint of caramel) to be tasted before yeast and rye characters take over.  Low-moderate weizen yeast character (banana, clove and sometimes citrus).  Medium dry tangy finish with a slightly bitter (from rye) aftertaste.  Some noble hop flavor acceptable.

This recipe requires: Baron's Canadian Golden Ale, our Roggenbier Add-Pack, and liquid yeast.

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