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Wine & beer making classes

During February - 2 for 1! First person pays $25.00, the second person is free.

“I thought that I was very knowledgeable about wine and beer, that is until I took one of The Home Vintner’s beer and wine making classes. There is so much out there they don’t tell you at the stores or even read online, but these classes cover them all. Plus, it never hurts to gain more information on
proper cheese pairings; I was never very good at that myself. All in all, I
learned so much and feel much more confident in my brewing skills; I would recommend these guys to anyone looking to bone up on their beer and wine knowledge.” - Gracey J.

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Join Paul, Ron and Wayne as they make both a wine & beer kit in front of the class.

If you have taken this course before and would like a refresher there is no charge for you and a guest.

Feb 5 - 7 PM NW
Feb 9 - 9 AM Airdrie
Feb 14 - 7 PM NE
Feb 19 - 7 PM NW
Feb 29 - 7 PM Cochrane

When the classes sell out, additional classes may be posted on our event calendar.

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Home Delivery

Delivery is available for our local clients who are unable to make it into our store. We've partnered with an express courier company who will bring our store to you!

For local deliveries of all products from any of our 9 locations order on line or phone your local store. When ordering wine on line add your wine to the comment section. We will calculate the delivery cost and contact you for approval.

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2012 Competitions

The Home Vintner is proud of its customer’s achievements in attaining 590 awards and medals in various home brewing competitions.

Provincial - Alberta Winemakers Association (AAW) April

Our Home Vintner Wine Guild won 1/2 of the awards in the Province - 35 out of 68 with Wayne taking Alberta Winemaker of the Year & Pat taking Best of Show.

National - Amateur Winemakers of Canada Association (AWC) September

The top 30 bottles of wine from the AAW were submitted to the 2012 AWC Competition. Our Home Vintner Wine Guild won 15 of 26 medals awarded.

Congrats Wayne Thomsen, Dave Bracey, Paul Sass, Pat Morrison, Ron Goodhew and Ken Gibson


WineMaker Magazine Int. Amateur Wine Competition is the largest amateur winemaking competition in North America.  Wine kits compete side-by-side in a blind judging across all categories with wines made from grapes and/or juices.  At the April 2012 competition wines made with Winexpert's premium quality brands were awarded 281 medals bringing our total to 2047 medals in the 10 annual competitions held so far.



We reward loyalty, every 11th kit is 1/2 price

Purchase 10 wine or beer kits and your 11th kit is 1/2 price! Your 1/2 price wine kit may be any wine kit available in the store. Purchases may be made at any Home Vintner store with no time limit.



Referral Program

We truly appreciate you referring us to your family and friends. When the new vintner or brewer makes their first kit purchase, you both will receive 10% off the regular price of any kit. Referral certificates are available in our stores. (Cannot be combined with any other offer)


Winexpert is the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer winemaking products

Our wine products are supported by knowledgeable, dedicated staff.  In addition to helping choose the right wine, we will help you discover an exciting new experience... 
the wine and beer making lifestyle.

Become a winemaker or grow your winemaking skills with Winexpert wine kits, equipment, supplies, and (most importantly) advice and ideas.



On your birthday

The Home Vintner appreciates your patronage so on your birthday we email you a $10 discount coupon - this offer is also available for your partner.  The next time you are into one of our stores ensure that we have both of your birthdates.


Canada's top 10 best sellers

Which wine should you add to your cellar? Our top Winexpert sellers across Canada in 2012:

1 World Vineyard Italian Pinot Grigio
2 Vintner’s Reserve Liebfraumilch
3 Selection Italian Pinot Grigio
4 Vintner’s Reserve White Zinfandel
5 Vintner’s Reserve Merlot 
6 Selection Australian Shiraz
7 Vintner’s Reserve Mezza Luna Red
8 World Vineyard Australian Shiraz 
9 Vintner’s Reserve Vieux Chateau du Roi
10 Vintner’s Reserve Pinot Noir

results from Winexpert Canada wide



A collection of five limited edition varietals from some of the worlds most renowned wine growing regions are being released between January and April.  This year, they're known simply as LE2012 with a focus on the harvest year.  We will be bringing in a skid of these every week in February. If you pre-ordered please phone to have your product tagged and saved for you.

If you didn't pre-order we have a few extras available in February.

February - Portuguese Aragones Cabernet Sauvignon 


Deadline to pre-order is February 15th with delivery mid March.

1.  French Rosé

This crisp, fruity, off-dry rosé has received many positive comments from customers who have now had a chance to taste the fruits of their labour from last year. This year it will come in a 16L format. Bottle labels included.

2.  Twisted Mist

We’ve been asked if any of the Twisted Mist products will return and we’re happy to say this dynamic duo is back but in a different format.  This year, Hard Pink Lemonade and Lime Margarita will be offered separately in their own kit and yield 23L each.  Based on your feedback, there will be no combo kits this year.  Bottle labels included.

To pre-order please email us at - payment is not required when you place your order.  Deadline is February 15th.


There is a saying, "You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family", so why risk losing good friends by serving them poor quality wine or beer???  Your reputation is at stake here, folks, that's why we only carry the best!  Homemade wine and beer, deservedly, can have a reputation of being pretty bad.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have never had the pleasure of experiencing what is achievable if quality is your goal.
Your reputation is important to us too, so make a wise choice in sourcing your kits.  This comes with a WARNING -- once you move up into better quality wine or beer, it is very difficult to go backwards.

from Paul CEO of The Home Vintner


This is a distinctive wine with grapefruit, rose petal and lychee nut characteristics with a hint of sweetness. With an aromatic bouquet of cinnamon like spiciness and zesty citrus flavours that lead to a mouth-filling finish. Includes Flavour-Pack.  The Mosel valley is famous for its beautiful scenery and excellent wines.

Gewürztraminer grapes from this region tend to be a dusky pink colour, and result in wines from light to a dark golden yellow with subtle copper tones. Gewürztraminer is quite full-bodied, more so than most any other white wine type and the combination of its strong and heady perfume, exotic lychee flavour and rich texture make it a powerful wine with an intense and memorable finish.

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from Ron NW manager, 2011 AB Winemaker of the Year


After 5 years of development, the Eclipse series has now replaced the Estate series. The price remains the same with labels included.

Eclipse is an Ultra Premium selection designed as an 8 week kit with 18 litres of varietal. Some of the reds are offered with grape skins, depending on the style of wine.  As Winexpert continues to dedicate themselves to product development and improvement, the results are going to show – IN YOUR GLASS!

All wines are NOW AVAILABLE!

Click here to see the full collection and learn more about the varietals.


With 9 stores in Southern Alberta we are here to assist you in creating the best home crafted wine and beer possible. 

We offer the best products available on the market with knowledge and competitive pricing.  Our staff have years of experience and offer you their advice every time you visit.  Our website is very informative with thousands of people following us each month from 62 Countries.  Our wine and beer making classes are consistently sold out.  Hang around us and we will rub off on you and you will be winning awards yourself in the Provincial, National and International competitions!  Consider joining our wine guild which has now won 590 awards.

We spend hours every month to present to you a newsletter and website that is filled with knowledge and information rather than just price point.  I encourage you to click on "the read more" parts and increase your understanding.  My joy is when our friends spend hours every month following our research.  Enjoy your hobby! 

from Ron NW manager, 2011 AB Winemaker of the Year  


In order to better serve our valued customers, the North East Calgary store has new hours.  We are open 7 days a week and the new hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday - 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Sunday - noon to 4:00 pm

Craig and Derek look forward to serving you!


Springbank Cheese has produced a new booklet pairing their cheese with both wine and beer.  Springbank Cheese takes pride in carrying only high quality cheese from their classic Springbank Brand Canadian Cheddars to the most interesting varieties from all over the world.  The pairing booklet is available in our stores for $5.95.



The process of adding additional water to the kit at fining and stabilizing (commonly referred to as 'topping up') will be eliminated.  Also, when the finished wine is ready for bottling, if users do not choose to bottle (i.e. if they wish to leave the wine in the carboy for any period past the bottling deadline) they will now be directed to switch from a bung and airlock to a solid bung, and to top up the carboy with a similar wine to prevent oxidation.  If you use the Vacuvin with bung to degas leave the wine under vacuum.


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Each month, every wine or beer purchase automatically enters you into our monthly draw.  This month's winner of a $25 gift certificate is Steve Dougl... from our NW store.



Our new Burgundy Non Woven Six-Bottle Wine Bags are here - get one free when you purchase any Selection International wine kit in February.  These wine carry bags are made with heavy sewn in internal dividers to separate each bottle opening from the other so that bottles cannot bang together.  Sturdy with good looks added to the fact that the bags are easily reusable.



Vintners Reserve - continues to set the standard in its category by yielding wines of excellent quality, flavour and aroma.

World Vineyard - featuring popular grape varietals, with grape juices and concentrates from some of the finest growing regions in the world, this 10 litre kit produces high quality wines that you can enjoy within one month after bottling.


Vintners Reserve Valpolicella - $5 Off

This mid-bodied, fruit-driven wine has a fragrant, tangy cherry aroma, which has led it be regarded by many as the Italian answer to Beaujolais.  Some of the grapes used are Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara.  Ruby red, this classical Italian style wine features rich, spicy berry aromas in a very dry wine with a medium body, perfect with Italian cuisine.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Light-Medium | Oak Intensity: Light

read more - wikipedia...

Vintners Reserve Liebfraumilch - $5 Off

In Canada’s Most Popular BEST Sellers, Liebfraumilch placed 2nd.  This blend epitomizes the classic white wine style that Germany is renowned for, showcasing the Riesling grape with a delicately fruity bouquet and a lushly off-dry finish.

Sweetness: Off-Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: None

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World Vineyard California Trinity Red - $5 Off

 An ideal blending of three of California 's most popular grape varieties - Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot, coming together to make a perfectly balanced, well-structured dry red wine.  Notes of black cherry and coffee complement the smokey, herbal flavours, and hints of vanilla that round out this medium bodied wine, making it highly enjoyable for any occasion.  Serve with a roast dinner or barbecued steak.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium-Full | Oak Intensity: Medium

World Vineyard California Trinity White - $5 Off

A unique blend of Colombard, Sauv Blanc and Semillon, combining lemon and grapefruit aromas with rounded fruit, redolent of melons and frsh figs to round out this crisp refreshing medium-bodied white.

Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: None


Beer likes to ferment warmer than wine. At 23 C / 73 F the beer will be ready to rack out of the primary usually on the 3rd day. At 20 C / 68 F it will take almost a week before the specific gravity (SG) is low enough. At cooler temperatures it can take up to 6 or 7 weeks for the SG to reach its lowest level. At cooler temperatures the yeast can stall at 3 weeks and then kick in again at 4 weeks. When people call saying that the SG won't drop we suspect right away that the beer isn't warm enough. The answer is an electric heat belt which goes on the primary and then on an Italian carboy (if you have a Mexican or North American carboy do not use the heat belt on them). The heat belt maintains the temperature at exactly 23 C. Heat belts are sold in all our stores for $29.95.

from Ron NW manager, 2011 AB Winemaker of the Year


“This is my favourite beer-kit shop! I bought their Pale Ale kit, and it was quite tasty; the employee even suggested I should add some oak chips to the Pale Ale if I wanted to make it an authentically true India Pale Ale. I took one of The Home Vintner’s courses to make sure I did everything correctly for my homebrew and I learned more than I expected. The pale ale was very flavoursome, reminding me of Australia's Coopers Sparkling Ale. The staff were very helpful and the consistency of the beer is very high. I would buy another.”  customer

Barons Pale Ale - $4 OFF

One of our most popular beers, Pale Ale is a delightful interpretation of a classic English pale ale. It has a rich, chestnut color and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character. Goldings hops give the Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor. It is a flawless beer that opens with bright, perky high notes of maltiness and orange blossom and segues into a delectable hoppiness.For IPA lovers we have the ingredients and recipe for our award winning India Pale Ale ($9.90). Try it with 1098 Wyeast British Ale yeast. You can change your IPA into an Innis & Gunn style beer using Scotch, Brandy or Rum - ask for the recipe the next time you are in. Use our IPA add on package and use a 19 L carboy to make a West Coast IPA.

Our newest recipe is an Innis & Gunn Style with Disaronno using British Ale Yeast.

Try this Ale with 1056 American Ale yeast. Ron will daily update you on his progress of making a Pale Ale with American Ale yeast, click here to see..

IPA is light amber to copper in colour and was introduced in the late 18th century in response to the long ocean journey from England to India. To stabilize and help avoid spoilage more hops were used in the brewing process. This added to the beer's bitterness which worked to mask any stale flavour resulting from the long voyage. The antiseptic properties of alcohol assured Indian expats the safe arrival of their ale.

read more - wikipedia

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