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kombucha tea starter equipement package


This package includes the equipment that you need to make your own fermented tea.

  • 1 gallon glass wide mouth brewing jar.
  • 3 of the 1 litre Clear EZ-Cap pressure rated bottles. (Designed for carbonated beverages.)
  • bottle brush
  • stick on thermometer
  • 20 pH testing strips 2.8 - 4.4
  • Sanitizer (Aseptox, environmentally friendly, breaks down into active oxygen over several hours.)
  • Sample recipe and an overview of the process.

(Still required: scooping/stirring spoon preferably plastic, tight weave cotton cloth for lid and band or twine to secure, SCOBY and starter liquid, sugar, and your choice of tea.)

ph test strips 2.8 - 4.4


20 pH test strips for wine or Kombucha.

Place the padded end of one strip into the solution being tested for 1-2 seconds.

Read color within 10-15 seconds.

Do not led pad dry before comparing with the chart.

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