Cousiño Macul

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting one of Chile’s first wineries, the historical Cousiño Macul. Nestled in the beautiful Maipo Valley, this winery boasts 90 year old Cabernet vines, the oldest vines still in production in Chile.The winery derives its name from the founder, Matías Cousiño, and Macul, the name of the estate. Macul is Quechua (an indigenous language) for ‘right hand’, indicating the right side of the river that runs through the Maipo. T... more

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Juice Vs Concentrate: the Grape Debate

 Juice vs concentrate which give you highest quality wine? This is a debate which has existed since the dawn of home winemaking, so really, which is best? First off, both juice kits and concentrate kits can range wildly in quality, so it’s important to find a reputable dealer for either.  Good quality pure juice, of course can yield a fantastic end product, as long as the product is in fact, pure juice from a high quality purveyor.  That being said, The Home Vintner mad... more

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Cashews, Nut? Fruit? Apple?

Did you know the popular snack, the Cashew, actually comes from a fruit? The nut itself is attached to the top of the fruit, and when harvested the nut is twisted off and the fruit consumed. They call the fruit part of the cashew the cashew apple. Eating the raw cashew nut, however, can be poisonous and  proper roasting of the nut is necessary to remove a certain chemical similar to that found in poison ivy plants before it can be consumed. From what I gather, this process is very tedious a... more

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IBU's and you

IBU’s and you Craft beer has been making a huge splash in the last few years, giving rise to a new generation of beer geeks, also known as a beer sommelier or a Cicerone. The surging popularity of craft beers also means the increased use of beer specific descriptors being thrown around in casual conversation. For those of you interested in a more detailed list of beer terms, has compiled an exhaustive list here. For now, I will address one of the most commonly asked q... more

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Mill St. Brewing opens at Toronto Airport

Mill St. Brewing in Toronto AirportCraft beer lovers- rejoice! The mundane selection of big name beers that travelers are often limited to has some competition! The Toronto craft beer darling, Mill St Brewing is now operational in YYZ’s terminal 1, open 5:30 am -midnight. My last trip through the YYZ airport I had the pleasure of sampling the Belgian Wit beer, very refreshing and very traditionally made. This unfiltered wit boasts rich orange peel and aromatic coriander, balancing it'... more

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Modifying your wine

Winemaking is an art, and many people who make their own wine at home, do so because they enjoy the process of it.  Part of this process is modifying and tinkering with your work in progress.  Don’t forget that the Home Vintner staff are experts in our field, and we are here to answer any and all questions that you might have. While we encourage customers to be creative and modify kits, more than anything we want our customers to get the highest quality possible in their finished... more

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Prosecco…… Is the new Champagne?

Prosecco…… Is the new Champagne? The word “Champagne” has often been used as if it was synonymous with anything bubbly. But recently Prosecco, the term and the wine, has taken off. A recent article by the Guardian claims that one in every two bottles of bubbles purchased in the UK are Prosecco, and it sure feels like Canada is headed in that direction.  So what makes Prosecco so all of a sudden desirable? After all, Prosecco has been produced in Northwest Ital... more

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We have a large group who just love their Cab Sauvs.  From the Vintners Reserve right up to the intense Lodi Ranch 11 CS with grape skins.  We have a new Cab Sauv offering in the World Vineyard kits which includes grapeskins!  This promises to be an excellent addition to your cellar. more

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Immediate results are a by-product of today’s fast paced world.  Most people seem to expect it all to happen NOW, and become annoyed if they have to wait for anything.   Even when it comes to wine, I’ve had inquiries about additives and procedures that supposedly speed up the process of home brewing.Well, I say, if you are in that much of a hurry, just go to the liquor store.  But, to make your own wine or beer requires an investment, not just in a little space in... more

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Sprinkle or rehydrate? We strongly recommend simply sprinkling dry yeast on top of your must. In order to rehydrate your yeast properly, you need to have precisely 10 to 1 water / yeast.  If not enough water is used, the yeast will grow sluggishly.  If too much water is used the yeast cells will burst.Temperature range is inflexible. If the water isn’t warm enough, the yeast cells won’t soften.   If too warm, the yeast cells will cook and die.Then, before add... more

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The new store features an open building concept, a ramp to haul supplies in and out and is overall more accessible and extremely customer-friendly. “We have more space to do things in,” says Wende with a sparkle in her eye.Click here to view the article in Summer 2013 The Mountaineer from Rocky... more

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Years ago my wife and I were into wine making, but when the kids came along we found it too difficult to continue.   I have often referred to those days with my children, and so this past Christmas I received a Vintners Reserve kit as a gift from my son.  Anticipation dictated we make this kit together, so my wife, son and his significant other made and shared the results. The kids were so impressed with the quality of the wine we decided to seriously get into the hobby as a fours... more

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We are pleased to announce the addition of Barossa Valley Australian Shiraz to the Eclipse line-up which will be available mid November.Aromas of blackberry, peppercorns and smoked meat.  Full-bodied yet smooth with big, dark, peppery fruit and plush texture on the palate. more

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Now that the weather is cooling off, it might be time to consider an indoor hobby.  There is nothing better on a cool fall day than curling up near the fire with a glass of your favourite wine or craft beer.  Why not get away from the commercial, mass-produced products and make your own creation to share with friends. Click here to view the Fall 2013 Airdrie House and Home article with Pat manager Airdrie store more

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One of our most popular beers, Pale Ale is a delightful interpretation of a classic English pale ale.  It has a rich, chestnut color and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character.  Goldings hops give the Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor.  It is a flawless beer that opens with bright, perky high notes of maltiness and orange blossom and segues into a delectable hoppiness. For IPA lovers we have the ingredients and recipe for our award winning... more

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