Food & Wine Pairings

LE14 - Feta and Cream Cheese Whip
Featuring LE14 Washington Triumph

Whipped and creamy - this easy cold appetizer pairs exceptionally well with medium bodied and fruity red or red blends.

1 Brick Philadelphia Original (not reduced fat) Cream cheese - warmed to room temperature and cut into cubes.

200 grams finely crumbled Feta (Used Ziggy's 22% MF) - rinsed, patted dry, and crumbled


Whip the softened cream cheese and crumbled feta together. Serve on your favorite crusty bread or (non salted) cracker. If paired with a salted cracker, the salt from the feta will overwhelm the pairing.

How this food and wine pairing works together: The expectation from this  LE14 wine is to present as tannic (while young) with some pepper and fruit on the palate. This pairing cuts the tannins and reduces the pepper - smoothing this fantastic Bordeaux Blend.


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