Food & Wine Pairings

LE14 - Baked Lemon Ricotta
Featuring LE14 California Trio Blanca

Creamy and warm, this warm appetizer is a burst of flavour in the mouth! Best served hot with torn sourdough chunks and your favorite dry white.

LE14 - Feta and Cream Cheese Whip
Featuring LE14 Washington Triumph

Whipped and creamy - this easy cold appetizer pairs exceptionally well with medium bodied and fruity red or red blends.

LE14 - Le Coureur des bois
Featuring LE14 Australian Shiraz Viognier

This fantastic Indian Spiced Gouda pairs incredibly well with the complexity of this Shiraz blend. You can find this cheese at our partner location - (The Home Vintner at) Bergeron Cheese Shoppe in Cochrane.

LE14 - Tortellini with Tuscan sauce and Grano Padano
Featuring Le14 Italian Super Tuscan with Grape Skins

You can never go wrong pairing tastes from a region with wines from the same - this warm and comforting pairing goes very well with Bold and full bodied reds.

LE14 - Warmed Chicken Breast Bites with Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce
Featuring LE14 German Riesling

Warm and zesty, this recipe is from the WinExpert LE14 Wine and Recipe Collection Booklet. You can choose chicken bites, the original shrimp suggestion (see booklet), or substitute whole chicken breasts and cook as a main.

LE15 - Fathom 5 Medium Gouda from Bergeron Cheese Shoppe
Featuring LE15 Barbera from Piedmont (region) Italy

Cubed and warmed to room temperature, this cheese brings the natural acidity of this grape down while still leaving the fruit in the middle with a very slight hint of minerality at the finish.

LE15 - Prawns with Lemon/Dill Sauce
Featuring LE15 Pinot Grigio Verduzzo from Veneto (region) Italy

Creamy with a mild citrus acidic kick from the lemon, and a touch of salt from the capers. A great pairing for this wine, allowing the minerality to remain while reducing the acidity and allowing the fruit to shine through at the finish.

LE15 - Savory Meatball with Apple & Fig Spread
Featuring LE15 Mosaic Red from Paso Robles (region) California

This pairing allows the natural fruitiness of this California blend to shine through. It brings up the acidity a touch as well as enhancing the structure/body and the oak.

LE15 - Soba salad with Edamame with fresh puree.
Featuring LE15 Gewurztraminer Verdelho Muscat from Murray Darling (region) Australia

This pairing brought down the grapefruit acidity in the middle while bringing up the minerality at the finish. Leaves the sweetness and citrus in the mouth for a long and lingering finish.

LE15 Roast Beef Cracker/Cheese
Featuring LE15 Fortitude *(skins) from Riverland (region) Australia

This pairing fits well with this full bodied Bordeaux style blend. It does not overpower the fruitiness, and draws out the finish for a long savour on the tongue.

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