Video Demos

Degassing vacuum pump

Degass your wine with hand pump


Shrink Tops

Auto siphon demo

The Home Vintner wine filtering system

Adding "polish" to a wine's appearance is the number one reason home winemakers elect to filter their wines.  It adds a glassy and pure look to the wine that is simply appealing.  Filtration will not make a cloudy wine become clear.   That is not its purpose.

Our filter rentals are to be used only for Winexpert kits.  Some wine kits on the market contain dyes and glycerin which will often clog the filter and you will be unsuccessful in completing the process.   Glycerin is added by some companies as a thickening agent to artificially make the wine taste heavier.    Dyes are added to make weak wine appear darker.

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Pottery Wine Casks

Have wine on tap by using one of our wine casks.

Speed up your bottling time!

Demonstration of our avvinatore, brass bottle washer and draining tree.

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