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Cleaner/Sanitizer suitable for all home wine and beer making needs.  A more environmentally friendly alternative. Non-staining, non-toxic, quickly biodegrades into naturally occurring substances.  This product is SINGLE USE due to the fact that Aseptox uses active oxygen to do its work. When added to water, the crystals dissolve and release oxygen. While this product is environmentally friendly - please still rinse your equipment after use!  Directions for use and mixing included with product.

Weight: Approx 0.60kg

Diversol BX/A Sanitizing Detergent (Pink)


Cleaner/Sanitizer suitable for all home wine and beer making needs.

This alkaline product is traditionally the more commonly used product that home wine and beer makers are familiar with buying. It is an excellent cleaner and sanitizer, but  requires careful handling and rinsing with hot water.  Aseptox is also available as an environmentally friendly alternative.

Directions for use and mixing included with product.

*This product is corrosive, avoid contact with skin or eyes, do not inhale or ingest. *



Larger diameter bottle brush, super soft and flexible bristles!

Find this product below.  








Bottle Brush


For cleaning wine, beer, specialty  and champagne bottles.

Also handy for bending and twisting to get around the neck of glass carboys.

(The smaller brush pictured)

Bottle Brush - Larger Diameter


NEW PRODUCT to pair with EZ-Cap products - or all your bottle needs.

This brush has a much larger diameter brush reach, at 3.5" it will touch all sides of the bottle at once. The bristles are super soft and bend easily, so it will insert into a regular beer/wine bottle opening.

Brush is 13" long. Insert, spin and plunge!

Weight Approx. 100 gr

Carboy Brush


For cleaning of secondary (carboy) equipment.

(Larger brush pictured.)

Other items usually purchased alongside this product include:

Bottle brush - to assist in cleaning around the bend in the neck of the carboy.

Carboy cleaner - drill assisted

Carboy Brush - L Shape


For cleaning of the secondary glass carboy. L shaped for cleaning around neck.

Carboy Cleaner


This drill propelled cleaner is fantastic for getting in all the grooves of a carboy. Please visit the demonstration section of our website to see this product in action.

Other items purchased alongside this product usually include:


Carboy Brush


Carboy Cleaner Replacement Pads


Replacement pads for the drill propelled carboy cleaner.

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