Beer Contest Results are in!

Posted by Airdrie store - Kellie, January 25th, 2017 | 0 Comments

We would first like to thank all that participated in our recipe contest – there were some interesting tasting submissions! We have selected three winners. One will be a new recipe add-pack, one will be a recipe, and one is a twist off an existing recipe add-pack.  Winners will receive a free Barons Beer kit of their choice.

Nick’s Tranquilo Amarillo Session Ale: This wheat ale was very pale yellow in color, light looking with a light body but packed with flavour. The aromatics dance between the citrus/orange from the Amarillo and the Belgian yeast, with the piney-woody earthy from the Chinook. A very flavourful ale with some bittering from the hops. Very quaffable with a bit of a party in the mouth.  This add-pack for our Canadian Lager Barons kit will be available in stores soon. Thank you to Nick from NW for submitting, there is a free Baron’s kit waiting for you at the NW location!

Jeremey’s Spruce Tip Forager: You have to be a bit of a forager to be rewarded with a craft beer like this one. This recipe is designed to pair with Barons Redwood Ale, and requires a bit of foraging on your part in early Spring for ingredients.  Coming in at a nice amber/brown with very nice aromatics of spruce and resin on the nose. There was a distinct spruce flavour without all the bitterness of some seasonal craft equivalents. Expect a bit of a bite on the tongue from the spruce – this recipe was well balanced and definitely seasonal. Forage in Spring to have this one ready for cold Winter nights. This recipe will be available in stores later in February. Thank you to Jeremy from NW for submitting, there is a free Baron’s kit waiting for you at the NW location!

Coastal Rye IPA: This recipe is a twisted version from our existing Rye IPA Add-Pack. Using a different hop profile and steeping for some added bittering, this recipe enters into the realm of the West Coast style of craft beers, while still retaining the rye spiciness and grainy mouth feel expected from a rye ale. This recipe option will be available with our current Rye IPA add-pack as an option to choose different hops. Thank you to our beer enthusiast on staff for another great recipe.

Thanks again to all who participated.

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