Village Blacksmith India Black Ale

Posted by Airdrie Store - Pat Morrison - full access, June 29th, 2013 | 0 Comments

Terry, from our Northwest Calgary store, gave us a bottle of beer to try from Calgary Village Brewery -which is located on 12A Street SE.   It is the Village Blacksmith India Black Ale.    This is what they have to say about it - "  An alloy of premium two-row Alberta barley, roasted to a black malt and infused with bitter hops.  Stalwart and bold, it will douse the coal-fired thirst, slake the spirit and clear the soot from the teeth!"     Couldn't have said it better myself !!!!!!

It was finally a beautiful, sunny day out on Paul's deck, so we decided to try this beer.    We were both pleasantly surprised and impressed with this darker style ale.   For me, it had just the right amount of hoppiness and lots of dark character.    Very refreshing indeed.    We both agreed we can totally understand why Terry likes this beer.

Also on their bottles, they state:  " Don't be the Village Idiot - DRINK RESPONSIBLY!"    Well said indeed.



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