King of the Beers @ North East Class !

Posted by Paul Sass, October 21st, 2011 | 0 Comments

An interesting group at last night's class at the North East Calgary store!       Everyone was impressed with the quality of wine and beer that is achievable with Winexpert and Barons brands.

Most people are interested in making both wine and beer, but at the end of the class, when everyone was standing around talking about their taste preferences, we discovered that one of the participants was one of the first, if not The First, to reach the milestone of the 100 Pint Beer Club at the newly opened Craft Beer Market in downtown Calgary !  

 Craft Beer Market keeps a tally as you work your way through 100 beers. Once you reach this, er, milestone, your name is forever emblazoned on the Alumni Wall.  Quite an achievement !    I was impressed with this fella's knowledge of good beer / what to look for and expect in a beer and he in turn was impressed with our Barons products, and excited at the prospect to be able to brew his own microbrewery style beer.

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