Canada Day in Canmore !

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A day off!  Woo hoo !   Canada Day - July 1st - a beautiful day, so we headed out to Canmore to take Sadie for a walk along the river and of course hit The Grizzly Paw for some pub fare and microbrewery beer!    

Lots of people in Canmore that day - they had a Canada Day Parade throughout the downtown & lots of activities.     We strolled along the river with Sadie - the river is very high and really moving quickly. Some pathways are closed due to the high river.   No swimming for Sadie that day!

Afterwards, we found a shady spot to park in, left the windows down and lots of water for Sadie and we headed for The Paw.     We sat on the patio ( of course ! ) & ordered our meals and o ya - BEER !     I ordered a pint of Rutting Elk Red & Paul ordered the Grumpy Bear Honey Wheat.      After our encounter with the grizzly bear in Paul's backyard, a Grumpy Bear seemed appropriate!  ( glad OUR bear WASN'T grumpy ! )    This beer has a floral nose and a well rounded body, slightly sweet palate and smooth finish.    I really enjoyed my Elk Red as well - a medium bodied beer with slight caramel and roast flavours - it is a traditional Scottish style amber ale.

A middle-aged couple came out onto the patio and sat at a table next to us.     To our horror, they both ordered bottles of Kokanee !!   What's with that?   Ordering Kokanee at a microbrewery?     And a GOOD microbrewery to boot !    You can only feel sorry for them !  ;o)    

Neither of us felt ready to leave, so I ordered a glass of Beaver Tail Raspberry Ale and Paul decided on a refreshing glass of Powder Hound Pilsner.     Their Raspberry Ale was very good -right up there with Wild Rose Breweries - an unfiltered wheat ale with raspberries & while Paul enjoyed his Pilsner, he said it could have been a touch "hoppier".

We couldn't  head home without first stopping @ The Paw's store and picked up a Variety 12 pack to take home.    After all, summer's here, right ?!?



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