Sake! Hai!

Posted by Paul Sass, May 14th, 2011 | 0 Comments

Vancouver's Granville Island continues expanding its cultural mosaic in the artisan brew market with the opening of   "Osake", a handcrafted
sake studio.  In the shadow of the venerable Granville Island Brewing
Company, sake maker Masa Shiroki is producing the first "made in Canada
fresh premium" sake.

The first thing Mr. Shiroki will tell you is that there is far more to
this 3000 year old drink than the little cups of it that are served
screaming hot at the late night all-you-can-eat sushi bar.  Osake
concentrates on three varieties of this fermented rice wine, just like
wine from grapes, there are many different nuances and characteristics
in sake. And, like craft beer, some sakes are cloudy, others crystal
clear     You can even try a sparkling sake, who'd have thought?  But
according to the Japanese, any quality sake is best served chilled.

If you find yourself on the tourist trail in Vancouver any time soon and
are in the mood for a different summer quaff, make sure you stop by
Osake and say konichiwa to Shiroki San.


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