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Introducing NEW Skinny Mistâ„¢ - an industry first, and only from Winexpert.

Posted July 7th, 2014 | 0 Comments

What’s the skinny on new SKINNY MIST™?  They’re fruit infused wines that are anything but skinny on flavour. 

We’ve paired the refreshing notes of fresh fruit with crisp and juicy varietals for an incredible taste that’s less than 80 calories per glass. So go ahead and enjoy – these Mists are skinny jeans approved.

Choose from three delicious flavours:


Slight White Tropical Riesling:

Slight on calories, bursting with flavours of sweet, juicy

pineapple and mango paired with the refreshing citrus

notes of Riesling

Merlittle Merlot Blackberry Merlot:

Merlittle calories, merlots of flavour. Round fruit-forward

Merlot gets a juicy infusion of succulent blackberry.

Leaner Traminer Peach Gewürztraminer:

Flavours of freshly picked peaches against a backdrop

of crisp and subtly floral Gewürztraminer. Lean on

calories, mean on taste.


Visit your retailer today and be among the first to try new Skinny Mist!


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