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Australian Petit Verdot

Posted by Ron Goodhew, November 16th, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Australian Petit Verdot was first offered as a Limited Edition in 2006.  In our 20th year celebration 5 wines were brought back, and yes the Petit Verdot was one of the favorites and reintroduced in 2009.  If it is possible to drink pure velvet this is it!  I was so excited when Winexpert introduced this wine kit  in its new grapeskin lineup.  I will walk you daily through the entire process of making this wine.  Yes, this is one of my favorites!!  To add to the excitement I am going to use a liquid yeast - I have chosen the Bordeaux 4267.

I have slit the grape skin pack and dumped it into the hop sock which is provided with the kit, picture on the right.  Added the juice to the primary and filled it up to 23 litres.  I have added the bentonite and now the most important part of making award winning wine is to stir it for a long time.  The directions instruct that the Specific Gravity (SG) should be 1.080-1.100.  After stirring for 5 minutes I achieved 1.094.  I have added the French Oak and Toasted Oak and will now add the liquid yeast.  There is another bag of Oak Cubes which will be added to the carboy later.



Day 1 - the SG is starting to drop, today it is at 1.09 with the temperature at 70 F / 21 C.  I like to allow the fermentation process to pull the oak into the process.  I just let the oak float on the top until it is pulled into the wine during fermentation.



Day 2 - the SG is 1.082 with the temperature remaining at 70F / 21C. I lifted the hop sock out of the wine and let it drain a few times.




Day 3 - the SG is 1.060 at 70F / 21C.




Day 4 - the SG is 1.055 at 70F / 21C




Day 5 - the SG is 1.040 at 70F / 21C




 Day 6 - the SG is1.025 at 70F / 21C




Day 7 - the  SG is 1.020 at 70F / 21C




Day 9 -the SG is 1.015, looking for 1.010 so we are getting close.  The thickness of the foam is diminising.  The liquid yeast adds an entire new dimension to the taste of wine, the only downside is that it takes longer as more is going on in the primary.  With dry yeast that comes with the kit we would have been in the carboy at around day 7



Day 10 - the SG is 1.005.  The instructions say that after 7 days draw a sample, with our altitude always go by the actual SG, the days are only a guess.  The instructions are poor on this point, the oak cubes need to be sterilzed with boiling water and now added to the sanitized carboy.  I will squeeze any juice out the skin hop sock and discard it.



Day 11 - great surface activity in the carboy!




Day 27 - using liquid yeast versus dry yeast is like day and night when you watch the fermentation process.  The end results are also amazing.  (June 1, 2011 I started a Selection Original Chianti which I made with Chianti liquid yeast, now at 5 months it tastes like it is 1 1/2 years old).  Today the SG is .992, the instructions say to stabilize at .996 or less, but look at the surface activity which is still happening.  This wine needs more time!  When there is no surface bubbles I will stabilize, not before.  You will notice in the picture that I slit and attach the plastic package with the chemicals and labels to the top of the carboy.


Day 40 - finally there is no surface activity, the SG is at .990, so I have added the 3 other packages and stirred for 5 minutes.  I then added the vacuvin and have started the degassing process.  It takes about 15 seconds 3 or 4 times a day for a month to get rid of the CO2.

Day 51 - this degassing moved along fast so today I have racked the wine off the sediment into a clean sanitized carboy.  I will bulk age until I need the carboy.



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