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Canadian Pale Ale

Posted by Ron Goodhew, September 5th, 2011 | 0 Comments

I've made our India Pale Ale with our add on packs, both with dry yeast and with liquid yeast.  I want to try a Pale Ale with no extra hops, just liquid yeast.  My choice is the American Ale liquid yeast which will produce a very clean, crisp flavour characteristic.  I will call it my Canadian Pale Ale and will walk through the process each day.

Day 1 - my newest project is to make a Pale Ale with American liquid yeast.  Follow the directions simply substituing the dry yeast with liquid yeast.  I have found over the last few months that the liquid yeast adds more dimension and a unique smoothness to my beer.  The original Specific Gravity (SG) was 1.048.  Using a heat belt on the primary the temperature 24 hours later is 81F / 27C the SG is 1.025.  As you can see there is tremendous surface activity.



Day 2 - The temperature is 77F / 25C.




Day 14 - woops, I got busy and didn't rack this beer into the carboy when it was ready.  Now on day 14 the SG is 1.014, well below the required 1.020, the temperature is 73F / 23C.  When making beer a little longer doesn't hurt if you use the proper equipment - especially a primary that seals with an air bung.  I do notice that the yeast has produced a significant surface film.  I have racked the beer into the carboy and it will take a few days for the pieces of yeast to float to the bottom.  I will rock the carboy back and forth until the pieces drop to the bottom. 


Day 30 - the SG has reached 1.012 with little surface activity, because of my busy schedule I am going to leave it on the yeast bed for a few weeks.  The yeast bed protects the beer.



Day 45 - bottling time so I rack the beer into another clean carboy and let it rest for 3 days.  This allows the beer to clear more.  On day 48 I racked the beer back into the carboy, dissolved the dextrose in a hot cup of water and stirred it into the beer.  Bottling done, now I wait to enjoy.  4 weeks later and wonderful beer!


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