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Paul Sass founded The Home Vintner in 1994, after many years as a commercial airline pilot, to pursue his passion for fine wines. His number one committment was to quality, and he quickly adopted the phrase which still guides The Home Vintner - "NEVER COMPROMISE ON QUALITY!"

The Home Vintner carries a wide selection of premium wine and beer kits, guaranteed to please the most discriminating connoisseur.  We offer award winning kits by Winexpert produced from varietal wine juices of superior vineyards around the world, and full malt Barons beer kits.

We conduct Wine & Beer Making Classes for our customers and our staff of Certified Winemakers provide ongoing technical advice and assistance to ensure a positive and pleasurable experience in hand-crafting your own fine wines & beer.

Our customers have won 652 Winemaking Awards at the prestigious Annual Provincial and National wine judging events, which we believe attests to the quality of Winexpert kits as well as The Home Vintner’s continuing technical support. We have also won Winemaker of the Year and Brewmaster of the Year awards over the years.

You can hand-craft fine wines & beer  in your own home at a fraction of the cost of commercially produced products and with much less chemical content.

Visit any one of our stores and discuss home wine & beer making with our staff and you too can become an Award Winning Wine & Beer Maker Calgary Herald May 12, 2008


Join Paul at one of our Wine & Beer Making Classes as he demonstrates the making of a wine & beer kit from start to finish.  Thirty-six years of experience shared so that the novice can be successful on their first attempt!  Paul guides you through every step - from start-up , to racking, the importance of the hydrometer, C02 removal, bottling,  the importance of a good quality cork, to storage.  The charge for this class is $25.00 per person, minimum age 18.   It is very important to us that wine and beer makers realize the difference between our excellent, award winning kits compared to many cheaper varieties on the market.  Our classes are offered on a rotating basis in all 8 stores.  Click here to see our class schedule.



We truly appreciate you referring us to your family and friends.  When the new vintner or brewer purchases their first kit, you both will receive 10% off the regular price of any kit.  Referral certificates are available in our stores.


We truly appreciate you referring our class to your family and friends!  New students will receive 50% off the regular class price of $25.00 with your referral.


The Home Vintner has had a 100% guarantee on all our wine and beer kits since 1993.  Customer satisfaction is very important to us at all our locations.  In order to honour this guarantee, it is absolutely essential that you use our corks, as there are many sub-standard corks on the market.  Please also remember to peel off the code sticker on the top of the box, and keep it with your records.  These codes are full of important information for both the retailer and the consumer.




Grapes are a very long-term crop (no fruit for four years, and then a 20+ producing life for vines) growers who don't promote soil health are rapidly without a livelihood. No soil = no vines.

There isn't a huge call for synthetic fertilizers or pesticides on grapes. The only really common thing that grapes get sprayed with is Bordeaux mixture, a blend of lime and sulphate that prevents mould. This compound is allowed for use on organic grapes, as it's not derived from petrochemical products, and is pretty benign.

The most important factor to consider, you can't make wine if you don't handle the grapes with plenty of integrity. Poor handling causes burst grapes, subsequently oxidizing the juice.

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