Two of our Paddock Wood Brew Kits are currently out of production. There is one Burton Upon Trent Pale Ale Kit and two Toucan Stout Kits still available as of 4:00pm on April 14. If you want one of these kits before they are gone, phone our NW location ASAP.

The American Red Ale and Carib Lager will be returning by Easter weekend, alongside two new kits. Watch for the Spitfire (British style Ale) and Koelsch (Lager). More information to follow.



To view our wine and beer specials for the month, click on the SPECIAL OFFERS  tab above.



We are pleased to offer the BREWER'S BEST ® lineup of 16 Classic and 5 Premium Recipe Beer Kits.  Many of these kits include grains alongside their malts, a varied selection of hops, some specialty dry pitch yeasts to achieve style- and LOTS of flavour for your dollar! It's time to start paying attention to terms such as IBU's when picking your kit.  (International Bittering Units) The lower the number, the less hoppy and/or bitter, the higher the number........ let's just say that at 100+ IBU's, the Double India Pale Ale sounds pretty exciting! We carry a rotating variety of these kits in stock at our different locations. While we would rather enjoy seeing you instore, please visit  our online shopping section for descriptors of these beers.


As of March 11: Current 23L full wort ultra premium-kits available at the Home Vintner include:

About Paddock Wood:   Saskatchewan's first micro-brewery prides itself on unique flavour and refreshing taste. Their award-winning brewmaster, Stephen Cavan, leads a team of people dedicated to creating great beer. Their pure brews can be found bottled and on-tap in some of the finest independent establishments and beer stores in Canada. Along with their stunning commercial beers, the crew at Paddock Wood provides a rotating brewmaster selection of ultra-premium home beer making kits. These kits are all natural and a full 23L of complete wort that is brewed in the same stainless steel tanks as their commercial beers. It's pretty exciting to have the opportunity to make home beer from a complete wort kit straight from the brewmaster's imagination. It's even more exciting to know that these kits will continue to change with season and with trends. You can order these kits exclusively in Southern Alberta from The Home Vintner.

 Click here to view the Woods Alehouse website.



A collection of five limited edition varietals from some of the world's most renowned wine growing regions. Now known simply as LE2013 with a focus on the harvest year. Each wine is vineyard specific! These wines sell out every year and, as their name suggests, they can only be ordered during a very short time period annually between October and December prior to their release the following year.

Click below for a written review on each LE2013:

January - South African Shiraz Cabernet with grape skins - Worcester Vineyards SA
January - South African Viognier Chenin Blanc Roussanne - Paarl, South Africa
February - Pacific Quartet - Chenin Blanc, Muscat, Gewurztraminer & Viognier - Pacific Rim
March - Oregon Pinot Noir - Willamette Valley, Oregon
April - Washington Cabernet Merlot - Red Mountain Washington

Click here to go to our product page introducing the LE2013

Click below for videos with Tim Vandergrift:

• Introduction
• South African Shiraz Cabernet with grape skins
• South African Viognier Chenin Blan Rousanne
• Pacific Quartet
• Oregon Pinot Noir
• Washington Cabernet Merlot
• Closing


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The Home Vintner is an authorized Winexpert retailer, we carry  a wide selection of premium wine and beer kits with 652 provincial and national awards from our store.  Start up kits complete with a grade 5 primary and an Italian glass carboy plus all wine and beer making supplies are available in our stores.  We are your one stop store with bottles, quality corks, and sanitizer.
Winemakers Magazine International Amateur Wine Competition is the largest amateur winemaking competition in North America. Wine kits compete side-by-side in a blind judging across all categories with wines made from grapes and / or juices. At the April 2012 competition wines made with Winexpert's premium quality brands were awarded 281 medals. Wines made from Winexpert wine kits have won a total of 2047 medals in the 10 annual WineMaker competitions that have been held so far.


The Home Vintner is introducing a new delivery service for our local clients who are unable to make it into our store. We've partnered with an express courier company who will bring our store to you!

For local deliveries of all products from any of our 8 locations order on line or phone your local store.  When ordering wine on line add your wine to the comment section. We will calculate the delivery cost and contact you for approval.

click here for on line shopping...



All our beer kits along with add ons and wine and beer making supplies are available for purchase on-line. Winexpert wine kits are not available.  Click here to go to our products page.  If you have a local Winexpert dealer we recommend that you avoid shipping charges by buying locally. 

Click here to locate your local Winexpert dealer.






Click here to see our new Ultra premium wine kits called "The Eclipse" made with the finest quality varietal juice from around the world to produce wines that will satisfy the tastes of even the most discerning wine enthusiasts.  The Eclipse replaces The Estate Series, all the products have been improved, 4 reds come with grape skins, they all include labels.





A glossary is an alphabetical list of the specialized terms used in a field of knowledge. Kit winemaking is pretty specialized. And even if much of this terminology is obvious or well-known to experienced winemakers, there is still a real benefit to reading glossaries of things you already know. This helps you keep your knowledge sharp. And for first-time or fairly new winemakers, having one place to look for all these terms is useful as a reminder and as reinforcement of new knowledge.

click here to see the entire glossary...



When you use our closures we guarantee our wine 100%. Our Services Include:

Filter, Capper & Corker Rentals• We reward loyalty - every 11th kit is 1/2 price• $10 / wine or $5 / beer Birthday Gift Award
New Client Referral Program•  7 Locations in and around Calgary• Wine Tasting & Judging Events
Wine & Beer Class Referral ProgramMonthly Newsletter$25 Wine & Beer Making Classes
Monthly Wine & Beer Kit SpecialsDegassing System Rentals for removing CO2 from wine  



Complete beer starter kits, beer heat belts, 9 different beer bottles, caps and cappers are illustrated here.  Barons premium beer kits offer you 7.5 litres of high quality concentrated wort to get you underway to creating a natural beer of outstanding flavour, ready to brew with conventional brewing equipment, with no need for boiling.  Barons gives you the opportunity to create your own microbrewery style beer quickly and easily.  Wyeast liquid yeast is also available.  read more...


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